Sunday, January 1, 2012

LCM By the Numbers: 2009 to Present Total Vaginal Rates

Ta, da! Local Care Midwifery's data input to Midwife Alliance of North America Statistics Project (MANA Stats) is complete:

From August 2009 to December 2011, 98.4% of our clients that started labor with us, had vaginal births. 
That is a 1.6% Cesarean section rate. Wow! 

Also, 93.8% of our clients that started labor with us had the planned home birth that they were hoping for. Amazing! 

Since our beginning in 2009, LCM has provided high quality, compassionate midwifery care for women and birthing families of the Capital District. This claim is supported by data, MANA's cold, hard, prospective data. 

Thanks to all the women, families (including my own) and the wonderful midwife assistants that have helped make this possible.

May all babies be born into loving hands...
K. Michelle Doyle, CNM, NYS LM

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