Saturday, February 6, 2010

Free Our Midwives!

Remember the Midwives' Modernization Act? (See my blog posting from September 2009). Well, New York State still has a Written Practice Agreement for it's Licensed Midwives and the MMA is still on the legislative starting block. Citizens in the Ithaca area have put together a fabulous organization and website "Free Our Midwives". Check it out and and consider supporting the cause. Photos and letters are especially helpful! Please visit:


may all babies be born into loving arms

Our vision for is to create a virtual home base for a statewide movement to support the Midwifery Modernization Act.

Subscribing to this site is free and serves a number of purposes:

*Creates numbers and solidarity. Legislators have specifically asked about the consumer support behind the legislation. Gathering in one place (virtually) allows us to show our numbers and act as a group, strengthening our impact.

*Stay Informed and Ready for Action. Passing this legislation is going to take some time and the specifics of actions needed may change. Having a home base allows us to communicate quickly and effectively about what needs to happen, and who needs to receive emails, letters or phone calls.

*Simple Way to Share with Friends, Families, Co-workers and Community Members. Sharing this site with friends, family and neighbors makes it easy to inform those you know. Create a group email explaining why this legislation is important and send them the link along with a request for them to subscribe. Pass this site along using your facebook account and tell people why you think it’s important for them to participate. If friends and family aren’t in New York State they can participate in the Photography Project. When you receive an announcement or a call to action from us you can share it via email, facebook, twitter or any social venue of your choice. It’s easy and fast!

*We’re Inspired! We plan on highlighting the profiles of New York State midwives along with the people who benefit from their care. We will be posting the pictures that roll in from the photography project and any community member who hosts an event is welcome to send their pictures in and be featured on the site!

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