Saturday, October 13, 2012

MM&M: National Midwifery Week in the life of This Midwife

Here is another Midwifery, Mothering & Me post (sorry that I missed last week). In honor of National Midwifery Week, thought I would give a synopses of my week. Enjoy!

May all babies be born into loving hands... 

K. Michelle Doyle, CNM, NYS LM

National Midwifery Week in the life of This Midwife

Catch a baby at 2:30 AM. Do the immediate postpartum care (including newborn exam, Vitamin K injection, see other kids introduced to new baby, start load of laundry and do paperwork). Leave house at 5:30. 
Drive to a friend's house for a quick couch-nap followed by pancakes and coffee.
Go home. 
Quick pass at emails and paperwork. 
Quick bed nap. 
Lunch with a friend, meeting former clients in passing. Drive with friend to pick up two gorgeous school-aged kids that I caught as babies. 
Home to more emails, phone calls and paperwork. 
Evening with hubby

Wake at 2:00 AM with a phone call from a worried mom. Calm her. READ MORE

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