Monday, May 23, 2011

John Michael Calvin joins his family

Welcome Mister John Michael Calvin! Such a big name for such a little guy. Your big sisters are so happy to have you here. Your whole family gives thanks to God for your birth. Sweet dreams, little man. 

May all babies be born into loving hands...

 K. Michelle Doyle, CNM, NYS LM


  1. What a cute little man!!! Congrats to the family!

  2. Thank you Michelle and Maureen! We were blessed two have you, two women that have a love for what you do, there with us for the birth of our little boy. It was a joyous time beyond what words can say; a time where God's grace was abundantly evident. Your poise, knowledge, professionalism, and care are what every parent and newborn baby needs and deserves. Once again, thank you! And please let us know about getting some of the pictures you took. God bless.